This week makes it six years that Photo-Bytes is in the air. Over the years I have blogged about many things, reaching from villages in Ukraine, to old cities in Holland and Belgium. But most of all it was about Manitoba and Winnipeg.

Small part of all the images

So here are all the pictures that have been posted over the years. Each one links to its own post.

There are more than 3300 images here, so it might take a while for all of them to be displayed.

Enjoy reading everything in a random order Smile

In the mean time, Happy New Year and make the best of 2016! May it be better than 2015! Smile

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Well, I was told so by a "pro" that later recanted... :-) I removed the name, so at least it is now correct.

josie brendle
4 days 9 hours

nice blog but sorry the horses are not Clydesdales. Those are a little bigger. :)

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Henk Von Pickartz
5 days 3 hours

This is a comment. I will see if this works or if this will be taken over by spammers. If so, then I will take it down again.