Grandfather Winter has shaken the last flakes out of his pockets and has left. In some countries he has been reported missing long ago. It seems he likes Winnipeg and Manitoba in particular.


But of course there is nothing to say about the weather. I think we could all take an example of the weather… Come on in…

However much we complain about the weather, it will not change its whims and will still do exactly what it had in mind. Many people should do the same, instead of changing their opinions at the drop of a hat.

But let’s not get too acid, we’re here to entertain ourselves, or better, I am here to entertain you, not to bore you. It’s been a while since my last post, the weather didn’t cooperate much and I had no mood to go shooting by –10C anymore.

Mr and Mrs DuckMr. and Mrs. Duck

So, Spring has come at last. No more forecasts of –10C no more surprise snow blankets in the morning. All is well, and spring is here. But knowing the climate a bit here, it will not last. Here, spring is rather short, just like fall.

Of course, everything here has to adapt to that. Animals have to get up and running quickly, even when there is still snow on the ground.


The same goes for the trees. If we want apples and other fruit from Manitoba, it will have to grow quickly, no time to linger.

Spring does not come for free though. The lead picture of this post shows the water level being really high, and this is only in the city. In the countryside, the lands are mostly flooded and not fit for use for a good part of the year to come.

I have not much time for modelling todayI have not much time for modelling today

Animals have to get out and do their shopping too.

Some animals like these squirrels are patient enough to let me shoot them. I guess that the little wall between them and me made them a little more comfortable.

Are you talking to me?Are you talking to me?

And then there are the victims of the Dutch Elm disease to take care of. The sick trees are cut during the winter, when the fungus and the beetles responsible for its spread are at the lowest point in their activity.


It’s vital that the sick trees are destroyed, but still… to see big trees like that go from the parks and the gardens really leaves big gaps in the landscape.

New growthNew growth

And then there is the new growth. Each year, these Scylla are the first to colour the landscape in something else than brown and white. A welcome change. Last weekend, however, they had a snowy surprise. Happily the 10cm snow blanket didn’t last very long. Today they are back and blooming.

New growthNew growth

And the new twigs are already heady with budding leaves, a small touch of green in a barren world. In a few days these little leaves will colour our lives and make man and animal happy to live in Winnipeg again.