Sound bites of Manitoba

For a long time I have been a fan of recording sounds, nature sounds as well as urban sounds. Now you can enjoy some of the nature soundbites I have recorded over the years. Enjoy them with your speakers or headphones. Play them loud Smile.


Here is a selection of the nature sounds

Spring is a wonderful time for birds and bird sounds. They are literally everywhere. The trick is to find a place without other environmental sounds. The following bite was recorded in a field.

01-Warblers and Redstarts.mp3

Patricia Beach in spring is overflowing with resident and migrating birds. Just setting down the recorder and pressing “Record”. The rest is pure relaxation.

02-Patricia Beach Birds.mp3

Come summer, the bullfrogs in Birds Hill Park deliver a concert every night. Around sunset, the sound is literally deafening.

03-Bullfrogs in Birds Hill Park 1.mp3

Black Bear Island is an uninhabited island on Lake Winnipeg. When  a friend and I got a chance to get close, a local fisherman and professional of the waters there, dropped us off on the island. Since there was nobody around, I set the recorder up on the shore and let it run for a few hours. Here is one hour of relaxing sound of water on a stony beach.

04-On the shores of Black Bear Island.mp3

Who says summer, says crickets. Usually when one says “[crickets]” means that there is no valid answer from anyone in the room. Yet outside, those crickets do a crazy job singing their hearts out.


One that is not from Manitoba, but has a special place in my heart was from the Kakabeka Falls near Thunderbay in Ontario.


Manitoba. You cannot imagine the  place without winter. But winter is particularly empty of birds and other recordable wildlife. Yet one of the things that do happen a lot is footsteps in fresh snow.

07-Footsteps in the first snow.mp3

Waking up with birdsongs. That has for a long time been a dream of mine. Living in Paris, Marseille, Kyiv or even in Winnipeg, that is not something too common. Yet here I have the wakeup songs from my deck in Winnipeg.



10-City woodpecker.mp3

One year after the first bullfrog concert, I decided to go back for second helpings. Here is the second part of the concert.

11-Bullfrogs in Birds Hill Park 2.mp3

When winter finally subsides, everything is dripping. A good drain is then a must or even houses will float away.