New Year’s resolutions

It’s time again. Try to keep an eye on the paper you wrote those resolutions on. I’m pretty sure it will be “lost” within the next two or three weeks. Those resolutions will wear off quickly, unlike your waist line. I can speak with experience, trust me. My resolutions for the new year do not include less food, more exercise or a sunny mood every day. They do include the resolution to go out and shoot more wildlife and nature here in Manitoba.

Poplar Park

If there is anything that 2016 has taught me, then it is that time you don’t spend outside in nature is time you will never get back. Now if you can be in nature with friends, that is even better. Although sometimes…

Shooting this year will be more and more. Simply because that is the only way to be alive and make sure that I stay alive. Sitting in front of a computer all day, every day will kill me. I have no intention yet to kick the bucket. Sure, I will be walking more, but I’m not making a religion out of that.

Pine Grosbeak in Birds Hill ParkPine Grosbeak in Birds Hill Park

Making New Year’s Resolutions can be dangerous and fraught with pitfalls. Some people will make a resolution like “I will lose 50 pounds” or “I will buy a house” even if they have minimum pay grade. That is simply not reasonable, and thus doomed to fail.

Staying dry on the WetlandsStaying dry on the Wetlands

Trying to lose 50 pounds should be doable, one pound a week, sure. But then snow falls in great quantities and we can’t get out for a few days. Fine, we’ll do better next week, right? Nope, not gonna happen. By the time next week has arrived we’ll already be so used to the not moving routine that getting out again is simply not going to happen. Then a pound or two will be back where they (don’t) belong and the resolution is thrown overboard, saying that it didn’t work out.

Endless CanolaEndless Canola

Instead of walking in feet deep snow, you could go skiing instead. Will definitely be doing that this winter, that’s for sure. But only when it suits ME, and not because of a Resolution Smile.

Whitemouth FallsWhitemouth Falls

Nah, I think that I will remain the same curmudgeon you’ve come to know, writing about nature and noteworthy things around me. That’s the way this blog is set up and that’s how I like it. Perhaps I will change the format a bit, perhaps not.

Prairie doggiePrairie doggie

I will be printing more pictures, trying to find a nice frame with them and hang them on my walls. At least, until my better half tells me the pictures don’t fit in the style of the room I put them in. Perhaps I’ll make  a grungy looking art gallery out of my non-finished basement. Who knows.

Camping at Beresford LakeCamping at Beresford Lake

I have ideas enough for the new year. Making them into resolutions would doom them from the start. I like the ideas better than the imperative sounding resolutions. Some of these ideas are to go camping with friends and family, somewhere where there is no internet and no cellphone coverage. Going out on daytrips with friends, simply because it’s nice weather and there is something to photograph.

Storm remnantStorm remnant

Go storm chasing again, trying to keep out of the storm’s way this time instead of waiting it out in the bear’s cage. Going to get more bear shots, whether they like that or not.

Young Black BearYoung Black Bear

So let’s see what this New Year brings and make the best of it. I think that is the only “resolution” that I will be using.

Patricia Beach SunsetPatricia Beach Sunset

Until next time..

Until Then: Happy New Year!