Summer, here we come!

All comes to them who know to wait… Spring likes to make itself waited for. I know that this is not the right expression, but it really fits here in Winnipeg. Once winter is over, spring is still far away.

Assiniboine Forest

Then, when spring arrives, you have the impression that it will be a wonderful long and warm season. Ehm, not so. Spring as well as fall are pretty short here, unless you count the bare cold periods as spring or fall.

Now I am not going to complain about the weather, you don’t go and live in Winnipeg for the tropical weather, nor do you go and live in the Caribbean to enjoy skiing.

Living in Winnipeg is a real pleasure, all seasons are there, you just have to catch them in their own time.

Green green grass of... Peanut ParkGreen grass, we’ve been waiting for that

The lead picture was taken not even two weeks ago in the Assiniboine Forest.

Of course you have seen the numerous posts about how winter here can be hard and beautiful at the same time.

Now it’s time to show the beauty of spring and early summer.

Crab appleEarly crab apples

Spring starts with the blossoms of the crab apples and then moves on to other trees and bushes. Here is a small collection of what can be found in and around Winnipeg during a particularly small period of time.


Light green leaves. With fast changing weather, it can be a challenge sometimes to get the green leaves set against a blue sky. A little patience comes in handy here.

Spring beautyFlowering bushes

Bushes start to show off their blossoms as well. All gone in a few days, even faster if hard wind shows up. Some insects already take advantage of the flowers.

Already busyAlready busy in early spring/summer.

As you may have noticed, we seem to have only two real seasons here: winter and summer, with only very short periods of transition in between. Some people also call the Winnipeg seasons Winter and Construction. Due to the roadwork and construction fever during summer time.

Playing the hornBeing quietly noisy

Now is also the time to work outside, your back in the sun and bothering nobody with a loud instrument.

Munson parkOverview of Munson Park

This shot is very different from similar shots from the same spot a few months ago.


Lilac bushes now provide us with perfume and color.

But not for long.

Summer will be here in a few weeks or even days, and all this beauty will be replaced with only green leaves and eh… green leaves.

LilacLilac, up close

Details like these will then be available in the English Gardens in the Assiniboine Park. For now that is a bit of a stretch from where I live, but soon we will be living practically in the Assiniboine Forest. That will be a big change.

Crab appleCrab apple

For now the pictures are from close to the house, in the future they will stay so, but from a different location.

More to come…