Flowers, colours and warmth

Isn’t that what we all desire after winter has taken its time to move out? Well, here in Winnipeg we have a way of pushing the winter out , even if it wants to remain in power.

Assiniboine Conservatory

We have the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. Here, flowers, colours and warmth are united for everyone to enjoy. The best of it all? It’s free! Come on in and take a look…

On a regular basis the Assiniboine Park Conservatory holds flower exhibitions. Sometimes orchids, sometimes green plants sometimes spring flowers.


Magnolia, not really a flower by itself, but a tree. These look different from the ones I saw in Kiev, Ukraine. But perhaps these are still babies…

Don’t ask…Don’t ask…

I have never remembered names of flowers and plants, I was horribly bad in school with that. That is also many years ago; I have seen no improvement in this field (of flowers)…

Unknown but colourful

Whatever names these flowers have, the really look great. A little easier to photograph than the orchids I posted a few weeks ago, but still in need of a lot of photographic attention.


And for as long as this exhibition is planned, there is hope for more flowers, and bigger ones. These buds will become real nice flowers. For those who venture to the Assiniboine Conservatory.

Old memories

Now these look like the flowers my parents and grandparents always had on the window sill. I may be mistaken if these are real local flowers though.


A whole massif of flowers and plants, without a single snowflake in view! That is what we all start dreaming about by the end of February.



On the other hand, we may still have another 5 or 6 weeks of winter in front of us. I guess before the end I will be back again in the Assiniboine Conservatory to get myself some more warmth and colour, and pictures…