Desperately in need of colour

Ok, so it has been a while now that trees have lost their leaves, that the colourful birds have left the country. Our lives are now devoid of colour. Let’s not exaggerate, but it starts to work on some people’s nerves to not see any colour outside.

Birds Hill Park

So why wait until next season for some colour? I have some for your enjoyment, right here.

Even though the pictures are not the most interesting, composition-wise, they do have a lot of colour Smile . The lead picture was taken in Birds Hill Park, a well known destination here on this blog.

Birds Hill Park

When the fall started here, I was just off to Birds Hill Park for some pictures. At the same time, BHP management decided to dry out the swimming lake. The bottom of that lake was not really what I had in mind for photography. The other side of the path, however, presented this view.

Birds Hill Park

A little further on the same path, a copse of trees stood out against the blue sky. Changing lenses to a wide angle gave a better chance of getting them all in one picture. The weather was warm and very quiet, no leaves flying around yet. With a clear sky like this I guess any picture will look good.

Birds Hill Park

Once on the way out of the park, the trees were absolutely marvellous and brilliant with colours. With sunlight from behind and top, the leaves were luminous as I have hardly ever seen before.

Fort Whyte in Colour

A place that could be forgotten easily for fall colours is Fort Whyte Alive. I go there more for the birds and wildlife than for the fall colours. This time I did get a great shot of the colours over a small pond.

English Gardens

Of course the place not to miss in the fall are the English Gardens. Not only are the trees and bushes planted for the summer, the birds and the people, they are also there for the colour in fall. There were lots of people around for these pictures, so some judicious cropping was necessary.

English Gardens

No Photoshop necessary, though. As I have already stated before, I hardly use Photoshop on my pictures. Lightroom does the job way better as far as I am concerned.

English Gardens

My idea is always that if you cannot imagine the picture cropped without the disturbing elements, you should reframe it. If that doesn’t work, perhaps come back at a later time with less people or different light.

A Maze in Corn

That is where a zoom lens comes in so handy, Fixed focal lenses need your feet to do the framing and cropping. Sometimes that will cost you wet feet or a dangerous situation. Situations I’d rather avoid as much as possible.

This last picture was taken during an outing with the Manitoba Foto Friends in a corn field. Not many colours, but one rich corny colour that hits the eyes. Even more so because this was a heavy overcast day.

So that’s it for some colour in these black and white days we go through.

Hope you enjoyed it and see you next time Smile.