Fall, already

Fall is upon us. When I started writing this post, there was still a lot of colour to be seen everywhere. By now, that colour seems gone.

A few years ago I moved to Canada for a bunch of different reasons. A nice extra benefit was the seasons that are really present here. In Europe I enjoyed all the seasons, but in Holland, winter is not really a season, it’s more a wet period between autumn and spring. With a chance of a few snowflakes, but those are not guaranteed.

In France, summer was always the main season, the others way less pronounced as well as winter being harsh and unpleasant. Ukraine was the first place where I could enjoy winter for a few weeks. But Manitoba, Canada really shows off the seasons of the year. All of them with their distinct features. Although I have to admit that you really need to be there to see spring pass by. If you get uyp too late on the day Spring arrives you may have missed it altogether.

But for now it’s Fall. One of the most colourful seasons of the year. The pictures in this post have no titles, I think they speak for themselves. All of them have been taken in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba. And none of them can be seen by now. A few storms have taken care of that.

The first night frost is already here, making sure that you need to take an extra ten minutes to prepare your car before moving Smile .

So I thought I’d post some more colour for you to enjoy before the white white world of Old Man Winter sets in. These pictures were taken in Birds Hill Park, just north of Winnipeg. It’s a very popular destination for everyone who doesn’t go on a complete holiday out to the Caribbean or some other warm place on the Globe. I have spent many times barbecuing here Smile. And not only when it was warm. eating those chicken thighs by –16C is very interesting.

But for now, those times have not arrived yet. There is still time for some tender woolly bull rushes. Back in the days, this “wool” was a very sought after product as it will burn quickly. So quickly that you can fire up your chimney in no time at all. Or burn the house down, that’s another possibility.

But colour is the main attraction for photographers at this time of the year. A little bit of red here and there is not enough for a photographer. No the photographer will need lots of red.

Riots of colour, the more the better. With the right light, even the dullest leaves will be beautiful to remember. And remember we must, because by now all those leaves have flown away, fertilising other parts of the land.

The only ones that will benefit from that fall-fertilizer are the mushrooms. All kinds can be found all over the place. I admire them not so much for their colour, but for the tender risk they present to everyone that touches them. The only mushrooms on my table will have been grown somewhere, but not in the wild.

A short post this time, simply because I have much more to come soon.

Until next time…