In search of the lost C…

… colour. By now you may have noticed that the temperatures here in Winnipeg are not really bikini friendly. For photographers that may pose a problem. Not only are the bikinis in short supply, colour is also mostly gone from our pictures.

Winter colour

I started to look for some colourful subjects in this “terrible” time. Here is what I have come up with so far…

I am not a bikini photographer, let’s make that clear from the start Hot smile… But I do like colours. Winter has robbed us of much colour in nature. Where usually you find green, red and yellow, now it’s bark brown, grey and white. Mostly white.

So I tried to find some spots with colour, just to stick out my tongue to Father Winter.

The first idea is to stay inside and shoot the botanical gardens, the pets and for lack of the latter, the kitchen cutlery.

Plants I remember from my childhoodPlants I remember from my childhood

The tropical house of the Conservatory in the Assiniboine Park, ok, I can live with that. But the cutlery and other objects? No, I’d rather freeze a bit and have some real original pictures.

First take: the animals. They are cold and hungry. One important thing to know is that nobody works for nothing. Even the squirrels want something. It’s always a good idea to have some nuts, seeds or other food with you, without lugging around kilos of the stuff.

Peanuts! A good day!Peanuts! Yippee! A good day!

The peanuts were tasty and gone in a few minutes. This squirrel thanked me with a few nice poses and then went back home.

This squirrel in Munson Park, however did not come down to collect the goodies. I left them in place in case she wanted some later. I hope she does.

Too wary to come down for peanutsToo wary to come down for peanuts

Apparently this is the same squirrel that I caught a few weeks back, before the snow came. She was collecting old leaves. Perhaps the same leaves you can see in this picture.

But then… the animals are cold and prefer to stay in their nests, holes or wherever they stay in winter. I can’t blame them.

The next colourful pictures are from around my house, no animals in sight.

A splash of colour amidst the hoarfrostA splash of colour amidst the hoarfrost

Hoarfrost is always a good subject, colour or not. The tiny crystals reflect all the light they get, leaving glistening surfaces and leaves. Ideal for a picture.

The Esplanade Riel, a burning arrow pointing upwardThe Esplanade Riel, a burning arrow pointing upward

The Esplanade Riel is always a good place to fall back on if there are no other pictures around. In the sunset, this bridge turns to fire, a sight everyone should try to see at least once a year.

The English Garden in the Assiniboine Park is cool and quiet nowadays, mostly very cool. Many of the birds and other animals are gone, leaving only the trees and the remnants of the plants for us, poor photographers.

A tree with splashing berriesA tree with splashing berries

In the English Garden, some trees still have their berries. I guess it is their way to greet the spring, once it arrives. A picture mostly devoid of colour, with a few red splashes. Nice.

Smaller bushes also keep their berries, and thus also qualify for this colour-picture hunt.

Tiny berriesTiny berries

Although these berries look big, in reality they are rather small and you have to look carefully if you want to find them. I guess the birds will find them easily, when time comes.

In Search for the Lost Colour.

If you search well enough, there is still lots of colour around you. Om (a-umm)…