Romantic beaches

I don’t know about you, but I have always had a soft spot for romantic places. Even more if you have someone to share them with. Beaches in the evening come to mind.

Sand castle

And who says beaches, also says waterworks and sand works. The above picture is a detail of something a lot bigger, a lot more, how shall I say…

elaborated. My childhood sand castles were of the usual type, one or two buckets with wet sand turned upside down, a small moat around them and that was it.

Sand castleSand castle

This one, on the other hand, was definitely in the class above it.

But I digress… It seems that happens lately.

Beaches have always been a favourite of mine, although you will hardly ever see me grilling in the sunshine on whatever beach. No, I prefer to absorb the atmosphere of the surroundings of the beach. As well as the sunshine, of course.

Usual beach sceneUsual beach scene

Grand Beach in Manitoba is one of those beaches. It is classified as one of the most beautiful beaches. But don’t ask me of how many other beaches and from where. During an afternoon, the beach looks like any other beach, sun, sand and water.

Wide horizons and sandWide horizons and sand

Unobstructed horizons and more water and sand. Let’s not forget the ball playing kids and adults either. In other words: the usual beach.

But when the sun starts to approach the horizon again, after a day of hard work, things start to change and seem to acquire something extra.

Keeping the feet coolKeeping the feet cool

Slight colour changes, quietness, because most of the adults will have had enough of playing ball in the scorching sun, and something indefinable. That’s where the photographer in me wakes up.

Lengthening shadows, cooler tempsLengthening shadows, cooler temps

Shadows lengthen, the air cools off a little. Not to mention that by then I can take off that ridiculous cap I have to protect my bald head from harsh sun rays…

Signs of early inhabitantsSigns of early inhabitants

In the sand dunes, you can find all kinds of things. Signs of early inhabitants, birds and other creatures. This looked like a nice place for me to spend an evening. But then again, Grand Beach closes around 11PM, after that, you are not welcome in the neighbourhood. Time to go.

Mini panorama of a future beachMini panorama of a future beach

Time to go to a different place, different beach.

This time the beach is under construction. Hmm, never thought that beach construction had to be done in the middle of the summer. In Birds Hill Park, they have a different opinion about that. At this moment, they are draining the natural looking part of the lakes in order to create more and bigger beaches.

A little paradiseA little paradise

Soon, this quiet looking mosquito paradise will be filled with ball playing kids and adults. Well, at least we still have the romantic looking sunsets in this place.

Nearing the horizonNearing the horizon

I have always thought that one sunset picture looks like any other. At least the ones that were taken on a beach. One flat looking sea surface and a giant, overexposed orange ball.

Romantic sunsetRomantic sunset

I just tried to do the same, but with a little more foreground and detail. Perhaps this one looks like any other sunset you may have seen? I don’t know. I don’t have many sunsets in my collection.

At any rate, the atmosphere was romantic enough to stay a little longer. Nobody kicked us out here.

Romantic little evening…