A Canadian Christmas party

Christmas is still some time away. Some organizations already have Christmas parties, though. So when the Manitoba Foto Friends had a party, I was happy to be there.

Inviting, eh?

But what do you imagine of a Canadian Christmas Party? Anything, as long as it’s cold, white and colder?

We can imagine everything under snow, ice and freezing wind. Sure those conditions happen… But what about life outside? Well, it just continues as usual Smile.

Closed for the seasonClosed for the season

More or less… Open-mouthed smile. Of course the outside patios are closed, nobody would want ice cream in those conditions anyway.

So we look for warmth and food, and if there is none to be had, we create warmth.

Huddling close to the fireHuddling close to the fire

Like they say on TV, Canadian is spelled with CAN, not with CAN’T … Nice way of saying it.

If the fire pit seems a bit rustic to some, the law here in Manitoba requires that any fire should be covered if necessary. That cover usually come in the form of a grid of some kind, that will hold the sparks and flying embers, but will not create a dangerous situation elsewhere.

Also, the bigger fire pits produce lots of charcoal that needs to be cleaned out. So the above fire pit is warm/hot and above all, practical.

Fire pit with grid and allFire pit with grid and all

As for the fuel, well, anything goes, as long as it is not painted of treated wood. That would spoil the smell of smoke and thus spoil the atmosphere of happy camp fires (eh, Christmas fires).


The next idea is about where Canadians spend their Christmas parties. Could be at home, but if there are a lot of people like in the case of the MFF party, going elsewhere is a way better option. Above is one of the outside buildings for the Unique Corral. Not sure if the parking of that carriage was truly authentic, though.

Original Canadian carOriginal Canadian car

Transport looks like it was from a few years back… Still in pretty good shape, but again, not sure if the lanterns on the side are really original 12V powered lanterns Smile.

Let’s go inside and see what can be found there.

Old viewOld view

On the way to the warmth inside, this view caught my eye. Apart from the parked cars in the background, this could have been a really old place. But I think that by now, you are cold or frozen enough to really go inside and get some…



Merry Christmas Manitoba Foto Friends! It’s the second one in your existence! May there be many more (with many more cookies, too Winking smile )