Liverpool Lee

Ok, it’s over. We survived. While the storm hit us hardest during the night, I could only go and watch it once the day had come again. Visibly I was not the only rubbernecker on the shoreline either.

Backyard flooding

Hurricane Lee was born off the coast of Africa and rapidly gained strength. The weather models could barely agree on its path until the path became closer to “home”. The result of this was anxiety and trepidation for many people on the US east coast and Atlantic Canada.

A weekend of island life (1)

Ah, island life! Whenever I go to an island to stay there for a while, it makes me feel “at home”. That’s strange, because I didn’t grow up on an island at all.

Ferry to Brier Island

I grew up in a town surrounded by grassland. So why this feeling when I stay on an island? I have a few ideas about that.

AI, aye aye!

Yes, it hurts when people ask me if my pictures are real or made by Artificial Intelligence. They sometimes mean it as a compliment, but still, that hurts. As if A.I. were capable of nicer pictures than what Mother Nature has to offer.

The Ovens

I like reality. Whatever that reality will show. So nature and wildlife pictures are ideal for me, as I am not really interested or particularly good at portrait or abstract photography.

Back to the Ovens

Summer this year has been a busy time. It isn’t even over yet and I have the feeling that Halloween is already knocking at the door. And no, I don’t spend all my time in a Dollar Store, they already have their Halloween stuff out.

Before sunrise

It has just been a busy time, that’s all.

Into the ovens

Yes, that’s multiple ovens, a sure way to get a good exposure. It has been a while since I have been going to some interesting places. As usual, the house is to blame. It seems that nobody in Nova Scotia lives in a finished house. As a result, the craftsmen are hard to come by.

Into the cave

So I need to do everything myself. From demolition to rebuilding walls and installing plumbing and heating, it all comes down to the ol’ back…