Blindly into the new year

Well, almost. Last year we decided to spend New Year’s Eve in Cape Breton, a mere 4-hour drive from our place. When we left Liverpool, the road was clean, the sky was clear and the mood was high. Ok, enough with this literary stuff…

Port Hawkesbury

Once on the road, it was clear after a few hours that the road would become quite tricky.

The old year (2)

Time to hail in the new year. Some will think that I haven’t been posting as much as I “should” have. Perhaps these people are right. But there are attenuating circumstances. I think…

Closet to go

The past year has had its challenges on other levels than just photography.

The old year (1)

It’s that time of the year again. The retrospectives are everywhere. The “Best Of…” selections of things already shown during the year are back.

Remnants of the festive season

So I thought I’ll jump on that bandwagon too. It seems like I partially missed it and am dragging my boots behind a fast-moving train instead.


Sometimes you find yourself in a place where you feel you do not belong. The space is not doing or being what it was designed for. It makes no sense.

Kyiv, Darnitsya Trainstation

This state or condition is called liminal. You feel in a transition, but don’t know why. Your reality takes a hit on the back of the head.

Dark ages

Dark times are upon us once again. The nights have outgrown the days, darkness starts around 5pm. It’s time to bundle up, warm up the chocolate milk and stay in bed.

Darkness? What Darkness?

Nothing to do outside, even inside, everything is already done and redone, so this is a time for rest and recovery. Or is it?