The past weekend has been in the light of privateers. Pirates, if you like, but pirates with a legal status of… pirates. Liverpool has traditionally been the port of the privateers in Canada. The descendants of many of them still live here, although their methods will have changed over the centuries.

Privateers / Pirates

So what’s the difference between privateers and pirates?


There is a difference between what you see, what you think you see and what the camera sees. It takes time to put the parts together and make your vision visible by the camera.

A quiet place

It takes even more time to convince people to see what you wanted them to see in the first place.

Eyes open on the trail

The Liverpool Trestle Trail. A stretch of disaffected railroad. The tracks have been pulled long ago and the terrain is now a much loved place for jogging, dog-walking and strolling.

Liverpool Trestle Trail

For the last few weeks, I have been walking this trail twice a day for numerous reasons. One of which would be health-related.

Strolling through West Berlin

Walking through an iconic place like West Berlin might bring memories or dreams to some. At least if that West Berlin would be in Germany. But, that West Berlin has been gone for more than three decades by now.

The shore of West Berlin

Only the West Berlin and East Berlin in Nova Scotia remain. That’s right, Nova Scotia has a West and East Berlin. And you can go between them without having to pass a checkpoint.

Getting ready

We’ve been saying it for weeks now. Winter is gone and Spring is here. Then we go back on our tracks and swallow another chunk of winter and cold weather.

Summerville Beach

In Manitoba, that usually translates to another Colorado Low with either a ton of snow or a deluge in the making. Flooding in Manitoba is bad, but still under control, from what I hear.