Snow White and her seven dwarfs and their characters have had a good time this year. Even Happy will have had his prime time. But Grumpy was the busiest. Judging by the angry posts on Social Media about everything and its grandmother, Grumpy must have had field days galore.

Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

I know that this wretched year is not even over yet, but I’m thinking about it to end soon.

It’s been a while. Fall seems to be behind us already and we’re back in the black and white season. A little bit of colour is still lingering, yet soon that will also disappear. After that, the only colours here are the ones we bring ourselves as Nature no longer deals it out. Except, perhaps for blue, white and grey-black along with gorgeous sunsets and sunrises.

Birds Hill Park

This is the time where many people start having mental issues, natural light is diminishing, warm sunlight is getting scarce. At least the “warm” part in it is. So here is some colour that can still warm the heart.

When you go out to shoot something in Manitoba, you inevitably come across rust. Not just the rust on your own car from driving over backroads and through puddles/potholes, real rusty items. Items that were once treasured possessions. Possessions reduced to rusty blobs, abandoned in fields somewhere.

Treasured rustbucket

While this truck was still in working condition, I had the impression that it was very much prized rust.

Photos need to show something. Photos need to be clear and precise. Photos need to be sharp. That has always been my mantra. No manipulation of any kind other than boosting a bit of contrast and saturation.

Yet, there seems to be a whole world out there that screams the contrary. Once I got a book as a gift that stated that Out of Focus was good and that “in focus” was not the norm.

Now is the time to post the colourful pictures of fall. The reds, yellows and browns are everywhere. At least in this part of the country. Before we know it, that colour will give way to the greys and blacks before snow comes and covers that all up.


By then it will be time for me to post the warmth of the colours of fall. Right now, everyone is depleting their stock of colourful pictures to post in record time. So I will have something to look forward to. For now, it’s time for the wonderful world of closeup and micro.

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