The storm

Many people have asked me if we have been safe from Fiona. The storm has largely passed us by. The most damaging storm in Canadian History is what it is called now.

Fiona's kiss

I am not going to dispute that. But in my area, the storm was less violent.

Beach fog

One who goes to the beach on his or her vacation rarely experiences fog. It’s usually nice and sunny. If it’s not, then one should have selected a different destination. Meh.


The beaches of the Maritimes in Canada will offer you surprises, weather-wise.

Beach foxes

It’s not often that you find wildlife at the beach. Of course there is always some wildlife, but that is usually draped in towels (or not, depending on the beach).


No, this wildlife is really wild and, well, still alive.

Walking the macro lens

Springtime is great for wildlife. All critters great and small are in the mood for love and show it to the world. Walking with a long lens like a 500mm or longer is then a must. As the season moves on, things get quieter. Awfully quiet.

Banded Longhorn Beetle

The birds are nesting in the most remote places they can find, out of sight, out of mind. The trees are fully covered in leaves and everything is quiet. You only see the odd bird out, looking for some food.

Ye olde house

At first, it looks like so many other houses in Nova Scotia. I must have driven past it a few times without even noticing it. After all, many houses here are wooden and may or may not be fairly old.

Master bedroom

I live in a house that is 120 years old by now. But this is the North Queens Heritage House and it hides much more than simple household items.