Jump over the pond

I consider myself a nature photographer. Many of my posts here on my blog are about nature and natural phenomena. But sometimes, things change and I shoot something completely different. Just to keep things interesting, so to say. A few weeks ago, I had some business in The Netherlands. So a jump over the pond it was.

Martini Church

Luckily I didn’t have to jump this by myself, a nice Airbus 320 helped a little.

The Dunning-Kruger effect

By now we must all have heard about the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Only a few months ago, nobody heard or spoke of it, now everyone is handling it as if it had been in their childhood reading books.

Heed the warning

Without putting a name on it, by lack of knowing about these guys, I have been writing about this several times on this blog.

A dreary Sunday

When on Sunday morning the light is uninspiring and the temperatures less than inviting, what do you do? As a “normal” person you’d go back to bed and enjoy a long extra sleep into the new week.

Boar's Head Lighthouse

As a photographer, it is slightly different. No long hours in bed, nope, you go out and find something to shoot. If it’s not close by, then you go further away until you get something shootable.

The race

Many of us have been there, some are on their way—the race for excellency. Invariably, we compare ourselves to other photographers and try to imitate or improve on their pictures, leaving our own vision on the sideline.

Time's ticking

Often we seek the approval of other photographers, even if we don’t know them personally. Social Media is THE way to go and present your pictures, get approval and show you are better than the competition.

Slim pickin’s?

Every year somewhere near the end of autumn or by the end of winter there comes a moment when photographers think there is nothing more to shoot. They start photographing water drops, smoke and other domestic subjects instead.

The end of inspiration

The question is: Why? Why is there “nothing more to shoot” in those periods of the year?