The time has come. Wintertime, that is. Now the evenings will come quickly and mornings will do the same. Cutting off a strip of your blanket that is already too short and sewing it on to the other end. Then pretend that you have more blanket.

Foggy, sleepy

That doesn’t fly with me. What does fly, however, is this:

Nightly activities

Summer’s gone, the dark ages are in front of us again. Many people will hunker down, wait for the “white stuff” to come and go. Photographers will go out and shoot even more than in summertime.

A tropical look

Of course, night shoots are a lot easier now that the night starts early in the evening.

Fall time

There was a time when fall pictures came to shooting fallen leaves on the ground. With or without my shoes in the shot. After that came the photographic years in Canada. Fall shots became better and more varied.

Mersey River

But despite the beautiful falls in Canada, the flamboyant colours stayed out of reach. On the prairies it seems that winter tailgates summer dangerously closely.

The storm

Many people have asked me if we have been safe from Fiona. The storm has largely passed us by. The most damaging storm in Canadian History is what it is called now.

Fiona's kiss

I am not going to dispute that. But in my area, the storm was less violent.

Beach fog

One who goes to the beach on his or her vacation rarely experiences fog. It’s usually nice and sunny. If it’s not, then one should have selected a different destination. Meh.


The beaches of the Maritimes in Canada will offer you surprises, weather-wise.