Early morning

Getting up early in the morning to catch the first rays of the sun, caressing the still dewy fields… Not my strong point. But when I do get up early enough to catch those rays, I take advantage of them.

Morning dew

A few weeks ago I got a new camera AND I had some early morning work to do outside the city. That combination gave the results you see here.

It’s a bit of an “archive” type of post, but at this moment we are moving into a new house. That means lots of things to do that will eat up my shooting time. I guess I have to make a choice here Smile

The mighty Red RiverThe mighty Red River

So, a few weeks ago I went to St Andrews, on the Red River, just north of Winnipeg. St Andrews has been a significant parish since 1831. The atmosphere in the early morning still resonates with that history. The quietness and the views are something you need to experience there.


Walking on a cemetery is not one of my favourite activities, but here it is quite pleasurable. There is a big difference between cemeteries in Europe and here. In Europe, the graves are separated by pathways and walkways, while here you walk over someone’s grave without even knowing it. Unless you really watch your step.

Early morning lightEarly morning light

The little church in the morning light is a nice view. Old stones in soft light are always a great subject for photography. Of course the downspouts show that this is a picture taken in modern times, but I imagine that this same picture could have been taken in 1850 and would have looked the same.

Stone parapetStone parapet

While often, cemeteries and churches are surrounded by fences and walls, this church has no such “protections”. A small parapet and that’s it. For me that shows that the community and the environment here are “safe”. No vagrants or destructive people walking around, tagging and breaking everything in their paths.


The graveyard also has a few trees, although I would not eat the fruits of them, given their current underground food source. The fruits do make for a nice picture; once again, this is all taken in a very small area.


Then I looked up for one last time, trying to get the time from the church clock.

There was no such clock.

It would have told me the direction of the wind, though. But there was no wind either.

By this time I was quiet and relaxed by this simple little walk around a small church in early morning. Time to go home and do some more work.

Until next time…