In my previous post I stated that we have moved to a new apartment. That apartment is very close to the Assiniboine Forest.

Telegraph Road

I have blogged already a few times about the Forest, but now that I live quite close to it, I can also spend my lunchtime there. And come up with some interesting pictures as well…

If you want to know more about the Assiniboine Forest, you can take a look here or here. The Assiniboine Forest was created in the early 1970’s as a reservation of natural resources. It consists of different types of habitat like forest, marsh and prairie and opened to the public in 1980.


If I talk about lunchtime, I do not intend to show what I am going to eat, this week I have been in the forest without eating or drinking during my lunch break. Going without a small bottle of water, however, was a mistake I will not commit again. Walking in the blazing sun for nigh two hours without water is not so good.

Old railroadOld railroad

At first I thought that the Forest only had a few trails, but it seems that there are many more once you get inside. They spawn and fork, and after some time you have no idea where you are. You could use a GPS for that, but you’d need the proper maps too. Even the topographical maps I have for my GPS do not show these trails…

More grass

At noon, no wild animals to be seen, even less if the temperatures are above +30C. I added the “+” sign for those who cannot believe that Winnipeg can have a Summer too… So, not many animals around, that leaves me the fantastic skies and the plants. Here and there a butterfly or a dragon, nice finds too.

and grass

Right now, the grasses are nice and green, some are already starting to seed. I never knew there were so many different types of grass, my type always looked like the garden grass. Here there are dozens of different types. I tried to take pictures of the most interesting ones.

Gone to seedGone to seed

Of course there are wild flowers too, I should not forget them. But I always have the idea that “flower photography” is the last resort of those who have no idea of how to take pictures of anything else. I hope that this blog can prove the opposite…


When everything is green, the coloured flowers and insects really stand out. Take a look at this wild lily here.


Flowers or weeds, all show colourful flowers. Close up they are a marvellous sight.

LeeuwebekjesI call these “Leeuwebekjes”

Leeuwebekjes or “Lion’s Mouths” open like a lion’s mouth when you press both sides of the jaws. Press the flowers, not the lion’s jaws if you want to survive.

The butterflies and dragonflies also show easily, although they are a lot more difficult to catch. The Forest is so big that taking pictures without the presence of people is fairly easy. No traces of people here Smile.

Pearl CrescentPearl Crescent

This Pearl Crescent seems to be taking a nap but it was very much awake, my 200mm came in handy here. Any closer to the “beast” and it was on its way to another resting place.


Dragonflies are fairly easy to take. They like to rest or digest on branches and sticks. If you disturb them, they will fly away, but most of the time they will come back to the same spot after a few minutes. Therefore, a little patience is all you need, and a good camera, of course.

Still a mysteryStill a mystery

This butterfly seems not to like to show its wings, I only could get the underside. And, boy, what a flutterer! It never stays in place long enough to be approached. I think I’ll have to hunt this one when it is a little cooler.

Endless grassEndless grass

So this is how I spend my lunchtime at the moment. Nice warm weather, mosquitoes still absent, I only have to be careful with black flies, but they are easy to spot and avoid. So for all who expected the menu of my lunches, sorry, but nature is much more photogenic than my little sandwiches.

See you next time…