The scary time of the year

It’s that time of the year again, scary, full of ghouls, ghosts and skeletons. And perhaps a Jack-o'-lantern here and there.


But I happened to catch a witch with her undoubtedly black cat, flying not too high… So, what’s going on here?

It’s Halloween time again. Every year on October 31st, everything scary comes out in the streets and tries to scare the living daylights out of everyone else.

Count DraculaCount Dracula, counting

Dracula in his castle tries to make sure you don’t come too close and fenced off the entrance with chain and gate. He does seem a bit curious about all the other scary goings-on in his neighbourhood, though.

Skinny passengerSkinny passenger

Skeletons seem to enjoy a carriage ride, from here to eternity and back if we can believe them. And they expect gifts too, if we are to looking at the sign behind them Smile.

Tombstone, a lively villageTombstone, a lively village

The village of Tombstone has now only 113 souls left. Apparently the souls survive longer than the skeletons. However, I’m not so sure if the sign is true about the “welcome” part.


Travelling further into Tombstone, the saloon and blacksmith businesses seem to be doing well. The bouncer of the saloon might need a bit of a meal, though, he looks a bit skinny.

More dusty visitorsMore dusty visitors

On the other side of the street, more scary stuff. The visitors of Tombstone all seem to have a few things in common. No clothing, and a morbid taste for diet food.

Final destinationFinal destination

Upon leaving Tombstone, the cemetery also leaves an impression of “have seen better times”. So I decided to travel some more. I arrived in the period of more ghost-makers.


These guys also made their share of ghosts and skeletons. The ships were full of them, once they were finished plundering them…

All of this is part of the scariest period of the year called Hallowe’en. All Hallows’ Eve. In Europe the next day is All Saints, I guess that spooks and saints somehow are related…

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