Winter’s here !

Yeah, so we were told Confused smile. Ded Moroz did a good job over here. Everything was covered in snow overnight. Since then, there has been no way back. Temperatures refuse to move upwards again.


Winter in Winnipeg seems to be horror for most of the world, except for the people in Winnipeg. You can shiver over temperatures of –20C, but if you dress well, there are lots of photo ops that do not present themselves anywhere else in the world.

White, white horizon

White, white everywhere. The wonderful part of it is that it is new. After six months of white snow and blue skies you will be hoping for something else.

White, white and more white

Something green and times that you can dress for temperatures above –20C… But at this time of the year it is still Winter Wonderland. What strikes me is that in Holland, when it has been snowing (enough) many of the kids play in the snow, here in Winnipeg… none. Perhaps virtual life is more interesting.

A little walk in the park

As a kid, I never wanted to go to “the park”. Nothing could bore me more than feeding these ducks that never came close enough to catch. Then there was the “sitting on the bench” to rest… I didn’t want to rest, I wanted them ducks.


Ever since then, I haven’t had much interest in parks and have preferred wide open nature, mountains, sea, you name it. But here in Winnipeg, even empty parks can give nice photo opportunities. Take a look and you’ll find out.

New experience

Winter has arrived in Winnipeg. That means that the time for snowy and whitish pictures has arrived. Unfortunately most of these pictures are totally devoid of colour.

Old or new?

So, in that case, why insist on taking colour pictures? Let’s try a new experience and convert them into Black and White and see what happens.

Major change

Today started a major change in lifestyle here in Winnipeg. I guess it’s more a change in driving style that is required, but still, a change it is.

After the storm...

During the night we got 10-15cm of snow by what is called an Alberta Clipper, more or less. This Alberta Clipper comes straight from the lee side of the Rocky Mountains, dries out and cools off and once gone from Alberta brings cold and fine snow to the rest of the northern half of the continent.