That’s what photography is all about. One of the reasons I don’t “photoshop” my pictures is that I like the memories of the particular moments the pictures were taken.

Summer’s gone…Summer’s gone…

On the other hand, I do photoshop pictures if they don’t come out the way I remember the original moment. HDR or High Dynamic Range treatment of a picture is ok with me, if done properly. Photoshopping the colours from green to blue and back is not. Perhaps I’m just an old fashioned photographer. Memories, however, are priceless even if the moments are not far behind us.

Autumn colours

Or should I say Fall Colors? For some people it is clear that the word Fall is typically used in North America and Autumn typically in Britain. Here in Canada we mix and match. Not easy to learn.

Unmistakable fall feelingUnmistakable fall feeling

I guess that learning English in Canada will “colour” your language in an unmistakable way. Here are some colours that we have here in Canada when fall comes…

Random travel memories (3)

A city like Leeuwarden is very interesting on the historical point of view. However, when you go somewhere, you want to see more of the country than a few old buildings in a single city.

Kite surferKite surfer

So we went out of the city, different places, different things to see… You don’t want to miss the sea if you’re going to Holland, right?

Random travel memories (2)

Going from Ukraine to Holland is a matter of hours. Not much to see, even less when the weather is not cooperating. Arriving after some bright sunshine above the clouds left me with a 16C and heavy clouds in Amsterdam Schiphol.

Canals and bikesCanals and bikes

No problems, I wasn’t going to stay in Amsterdam anyway. After the flight, a small trip of a few hours to Leeuwarden, a small city in the north of Holland.

Random travel memories

Whenever you go on travel or holiday with a camera you come back with pictures. Some will be the obligatory pictures like the jet engine of the plane you’re about to board…

Huge and powerful Huge and powerful

And you will have a lot of other pictures, with which you do not have a complete story or a complete set of pictures for a story. Here are some random pictures of our travel to Ukraine and Holland in the past five weeks.