Keeping the cold out

By now, everybody knows that Winnipeg can be a cold place to live in. I guess even many Americans by now understand that Mother Nature still has some cool tricks up her sleeve. Very cool indeed, freezing.


But how do you keep warm in Winnipeg? Easy enough to imagine warm clothing. But what about the houses and apartments? Well, over time, methods of heating have changed, but the result is still the same, come on in, and warm up a little…

The long awaited walk

Something that we haven’t been able to do all summer was walk along the river, here in Winnipeg. The water level was constantly too high to allow for anyone to walk near the river without getting his feet wet.


So here is the new take on it: wait until the river is frozen, then take the walk Smile. Wanna see what it looks like? Come on in!

Tropical Manitoba

Today was a good time to dive into the tropical history of Manitoba. When we woke up this morning, the thermometer still had to wake up. After shaking it for about five minutes, the thing came up with a temperature of 29C, below zero.


So we decided to see Manitoba in more interesting times. Climate wise, that is. Manitoba, 450 million years ago was situated around the equator and had a tropical climate. Now that’s more like it… Minus 29C? No way! Let’s take a look!

A tale of mystery and imagination

In the Assiniboine Park people have been known to tell strange stories. Some of them true, some not. A few days ago we tried to check up on one of those stories. The gate below is one of those mysteries. It seems this little pergola is a portal to warm climates and old times.


You imagine that this is again a story about snow and about how I like winter. Not exactly so. Stepping through this portal in the Assiniboine Park, the environment is totally changed to a tropical forest. You don’t believe me? Come on in! All of the following images have been taken mere minutes from each other.

A diet rich in sodium is good!

Everybody knows about diets rich in sodium. They are supposedly bad for your health, heart and mood. But I declare that a sodium-rich diet is good!


At least for photographers. Photographers have to take their diet as it comes. Sometimes they can supplement it with other elements like xenon, but most of the time sodium will have to do. You don’t agree? Come inside and we’ll talk about it…