Greenery and concrete

Sometimes we think that living in the city is the worst you can think of. All concrete around you, cars and exhaust fumes. Noise and unpleasant smells. Often enough we are right. All of this applies to cities where the management has never thought of creating (enough) green zones.


The city of Winnipeg has been created with green zones, parks and gardens since the late 1920s. So, let’s take a look at one of the parks that is closest to my house. I guess I already blogged about this one, but since I go there nearly every day, there is always something new to observe.

A walk on the wide side

Many photographers will only have one type of camera in their bags or around their necks. We always see the “pros” with two or more cameras, changing between them as they see fit.

Twenty-six storeys, basements and parking in one pictureTwenty-six storeys, basements and parking in one picture

When you have a point ‘n’ shoot camera, this is all the possibilities you get, either have one and do everything with it or have many and do the same with all of them. The need for multiple P&S cameras is inexistent. The DSLRs of today have the distinct possibility to change between lenses. So let’s explore this a bit …

Vision and sound

Photography is all about the image. We all know that. Some people think this is not enough and step to the moving images. They buy new cameras and record everything they see in their lives. Contrary to the photo people, they will need some more material to show their results to the world.

Better with soundBetter with sound

Photographs can still be presented in the “old fashioned” way of paper. However, sometimes it is interesting to add a little extra in the form of a sound byte to the picture to enhance the atmosphere that was there when the picture was taken.


That’s what photography is all about. One of the reasons I don’t “photoshop” my pictures is that I like the memories of the particular moments the pictures were taken.

Summer’s gone…Summer’s gone…

On the other hand, I do photoshop pictures if they don’t come out the way I remember the original moment. HDR or High Dynamic Range treatment of a picture is ok with me, if done properly. Photoshopping the colours from green to blue and back is not. Perhaps I’m just an old fashioned photographer. Memories, however, are priceless even if the moments are not far behind us.

Autumn colours

Or should I say Fall Colors? For some people it is clear that the word Fall is typically used in North America and Autumn typically in Britain. Here in Canada we mix and match. Not easy to learn.

Unmistakable fall feelingUnmistakable fall feeling

I guess that learning English in Canada will “colour” your language in an unmistakable way. Here are some colours that we have here in Canada when fall comes…