Decembers in Manitoba

Prairie winters are extreme. Everybody in North America knows that. While Winnipeg is only on the latitude of Brussels, Belgium or Kyiv, Ukraine, it is significantly colder in winter. All will picture winters of extreme cold, ice and even eternal night.

Wellington Crescent, 2008

By now, we know that this is not true, at least not the “eternal night” part. While many people are now compiling a “best of 2020” for the “worst year in history”, I decided to concentrate on Decembers instead. Decembers only in Manitoba.

The lights of the season (2020 edition)

Holiday cheer is here. Albeit in a dimmed form. Spirits are not as high as previous years. Yet, some people still put up their Christmas lights and bring cheer to the world. This blog is about positive thinking, even that is difficult to believe at times.

Boulder Bay

And what is more festive than bright holiday lights? More, holiday lights, of course! So today I will be showing some light displays that can be found in Winnipeg.

A slow start

Once we start writing about the weather, it’s already obsolete when the post publishes. That’s a well-known fact. By the time this post goes online, the temperatures will have changed already and will make a liar out of me.

A bleak sun through a tree

The fun part is, though… you can post anything at anytime in the year and nobody will ever see any difference. Nobody will suspect any “foul play” as that is the nature of the internet.

Snow White in 2020

Snow White and her seven dwarfs and their characters have had a good time this year. Even Happy will have had his prime time. But Grumpy was the busiest. Judging by the angry posts on Social Media about everything and its grandmother, Grumpy must have had field days galore.

Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

I know that this wretched year is not even over yet, but I’m thinking about it to end soon.

Fallse colours

It’s been a while. Fall seems to be behind us already and we’re back in the black and white season. A little bit of colour is still lingering, yet soon that will also disappear. After that, the only colours here are the ones we bring ourselves as Nature no longer deals it out. Except, perhaps for blue, white and grey-black along with gorgeous sunsets and sunrises.

Birds Hill Park

This is the time where many people start having mental issues, natural light is diminishing, warm sunlight is getting scarce. At least the “warm” part in it is. So here is some colour that can still warm the heart.