For a long time I have been a fan of recording sounds, nature sounds as well as urban sounds. Now you can enjoy some of the nature soundbites I have recorded over the years. Enjoy them with your speakers or headphones. Play them loud Smile.


Here is a selection of the nature sounds

In the days of film shooting, long exposures were a dark area. You could end up with completely washed out shots or black ones. Without fairly expensive equipment like light meters and a few other odds and ends, there was simply no way to do long exposures properly.

Matlock Pier, MB

Once I was happy to shoot a passing firetruck and the gyro light showed up a few times in the shot. That was about the extent of my darkness shots.

Lake Winnipeg feeds thousands. But everyone has to work to get to the food. Everyone has to be respectful of the lake to continuously get the food. Big Windy as Lake Winnipeg is sometimes called, is fairly shallow. That makes for choppy waves when the wind is high.

Sunrise over Lake Winnipeg

It also makes for deadly situations if one is not careful. In high wind, Big Windy is not a good place to be. Fortunately for me,

No, I’m not giving into it, I won’t! I love winter! Perhaps not so much this one, though… Wishing it were summer. We all get there at one point or another during the winter time. This hunkering for warmer times.

Rage over North Dakota

When winter is harsh and cold, I enjoy every minute of it. Yet, this year, Old Man Winter seems to be having second thoughts about hanging around. He’s not here with whiteouts or frozen limbs, yet everything is done to get sick. Sick with and of coughing, headaches and occasional bouts of fever.

Judging by the temperatures, winter is nearly over. Giving away to a few days of spring and then summer. At least that’s what we have come to expect in Manitoba. That it is only the beginning of March makes no difference. We all know that spring and summer will come.

Brereton Lake

At least at one point in time. Perhaps next year. So for now we can show our pictures of the almost  past season, with the hope of a new season to start.