Creepy night

A few days ago, friends and I decided to go hunting for ghosts. Since there is a small park called Woods of the Spirits in Winnipeg, that would have been the most logical place to find any ghosts, right? So, off we went, while many were invited, only three people showed up. Physical distancing was easier this way.

Scream in the night

I don’t care much for the term “social distancing” as that rhymes with social isolation to me, one of the causes for mental disorders. If people can get together in a safe way, then half of the isolation problems are gone already, just by showing up.

Covid frenzy retreat

There is no doubt about it. The virus has us all in its grip. There is not a day without “news” about an outbreak, a restriction or even a cure for it. There is no way to know what to believe and what to discard. As a result, we all go half nuts for one side or the other of the spectrum.

Big Whiteshell Lodge

I’m not taking sides or trying to haul people over to the “other” side here. One thing we can all agree on is that we all wish this would be over, and soon. Yet the frenzy doesn’t seem to want to leave us, so we need a retreat from it.

Winter staycations

Staycations, well, more or less. I am not one to stay in my house for long unless required by law. And even then, I will probably be outside in my yard to escape cabin fever. Today’s health orders are starting to take their toll on many people. People that have no private transport can hardly go anywhere.

Warm welcome

Luckily for me, I still have my own transportation and nobody can pry that away from me. So I still get out, despite all the restrictions. At least the Manitoba government has not implemented any curfews or confinements.

Decembers in Manitoba

Prairie winters are extreme. Everybody in North America knows that. While Winnipeg is only on the latitude of Brussels, Belgium or Kyiv, Ukraine, it is significantly colder in winter. All will picture winters of extreme cold, ice and even eternal night.

Wellington Crescent, 2008

By now, we know that this is not true, at least not the “eternal night” part. While many people are now compiling a “best of 2020” for the “worst year in history”, I decided to concentrate on Decembers instead. Decembers only in Manitoba.

The lights of the season (2020 edition)

Holiday cheer is here. Albeit in a dimmed form. Spirits are not as high as previous years. Yet, some people still put up their Christmas lights and bring cheer to the world. This blog is about positive thinking, even that is difficult to believe at times.

Boulder Bay

And what is more festive than bright holiday lights? More, holiday lights, of course! So today I will be showing some light displays that can be found in Winnipeg.