Off the tracks

A long time ago, there were tracks. Tracks with real, slow, wobbly trains. Trains transporting goods and people. Then came the time that people wanted everything faster, so the slow trains became less and less frequent. Eventually, they stopped rolling altogether. When that happened, the rails were pulled and recycled to make rails for other trains, in other parts of the world.

The old tracks

What stayed behind was the imprint of the tracks on the landscape. In most places in the world, those trails are also recycled and give birth to housing or other projects. Here in Liverpool, they gave way to a project called “The Trestle Trail”.  It meanders along the Mersey River and through town.

Radio silence

Followers of this blog may have noticed a certain silence here. It’s easy to go and blame all kinds of factors, but the truth is, all kinds of things have happened since my last blog here. I can invent all kinds of things that may or may not be the cause of this silence, like “my internet didn’t work” or “the cat ate all my ideas”. None of this would be further from the truth.

Last night in Halifax

Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia is great. I loved it. But with the prices of the rent out there currently, that was not a sustainable option. The pandemic seems to have awakened all kinds of money hungry individuals and corporations.

Day tripping

In a province like Nova Scotia everything is compact. You get all your attractions within a few hours of driving from home. It does help to be living in the centre, for sure. In our quest to see as much as possible as quick as possible, we often forget what is close by.

Halifax-Dartmouth ferry

To solve that part, we left on foot from the apartment and went on a boat trip.

Georges Island

A tiny speck of land in the middle of Halifax Harbour. A place where not so long ago you needed to be invited to go and see. Since the summer of 2020, this is now partially open to the public and managed by Parks Canada. The off-limits parts are still under renovation and partially under reconstruction to make it safe for all.

Georges Island

Some parts are excluded as steep banks into purposely murdering ditches are to remain as they are. This is the island no vessel should pass if not expressly authorised. It is part of the Halifax Defense Complex.

Ditch photography

Lately, I have had plenty of things on my proverbial plate. Not so much food-wise, though. Photography takes a lot of space for me and will remain doing so. Not going to ditch photography…  No, these ditches are the ones on the side of the road. There are times when getting out on foot is not the best. Either because it is too hot or because it is too wet.


This week, we went from +37C to +13C overnight, with rain on the end of it. All in all not very conducive to walks outside. I know I will have to get used to this weather, but hey, a little bit of time for that, please!