What a year

Ok, so now that I decided that last year started on March 15. A weird decision, you say? Many businesses have their “year’s end” somewhere in the calendar year. Most of them are not doing their balance on the last day of the calendar year.

Mersey River Colours

So why should we? We can also decide that last year was shorter and this year will be longer. While Einstein said that time cannot be altered, the perception of time is purely subjective. Don’t believe me? Go and wait for the dentist to call you in his cabinet…

Time flies

Sometimes, a year doesn’t start on January 1st. In fact, it can start on any day of the calendar year. In ancient Rome, the new year initially began on March 15, the so-called Ides of March (Idus Martiae) and were made infamous by the murder of Julius Caesar.

View from the balcony

For me, this last year also began in March. It began with packing stuff, boxing and rolling up the carpets.


The whole world is holding its breath, waiting for one person to stop. Yet this hasn’t happened. A full scale war is being rained down upon Ukraine, a country 1/28th the size of Russia. Ukraine is holding their place with tremendous success.

Passenger train to Moscow

After all, they are defending their country, their homes and their families. This war is against one man, not against a whole population.

Before the war

It seems incredible to me now, that only a few days ago, the world was fairly peaceful. It was quiet and full of beauty. Beauty I have been presenting here in all forms, shapes and sizes. Now it is torn apart by an imperialistic bully. It is impossible for me to post nice pictures here of Canada, in the hopes that anyone outside will see them and decide to come and visit.

Northern Kyiv

Now, I am only concerned about my family and friends that are stuck in bunkers and basements, hoping they will survive the next few hours.

Winter lights

Everybody loves winter. Until it gets cold. Until it gets snowy. Yeah, I could go on and on about winter. It seems that I have done so already on my blog. Several times a year in winter season… So, what’s so different this time?

No lights

Winter is a great time for taking pictures. The extreme cold often means that you need to plan the shots before going out and freeze up your favourite gear.