A few weeks ago, it was summer. Hot days and warm nights. The ideal time to go camping with the loved one. We had been roasting here in Winnipeg for a few months already so the time had come to take some of that to a different place. We decided to go east. The west was burning and suffocating from what we had heard.

Kakabeka Falls

The east, as far as Ontario went was still fairly spared from forest fires and it looked like the best solution for us. So east it was.

The time has come. Huddled inside with nothing to shoot, a warm cup of [favourite drink] and a good book. Yes, I’m one of those old fashioned guys that still read paper books, no e-book or e-reader for me. Just a plain old paper book, the thicker the better. No more photography until the snow and the sunshine have come to change the landscape into a wonderland.

Nature's water drops

Is that reality? Not really. I can not stay away from my camera for too long. Bringing it in to get it cleaned is a big step for me. I often end up digging up my old point and shoot during that time. Taking snapshots and often disappointing “artwork” shots.

Here in Manitoba, summer and winter go hand in hand. With hardly any space for fall or spring. Winter ends, followed by 10 days of spring and summer is here in full swing. The same can be said for fall. While summer is winding down, or more accurately crashing down, winter is not far away. This year, however, we got a small reprieve to enjoy fall colours and temperatures.

Riot of colours looking up

On one of those days, I went out with a friend, to see what we could come up with, photography-wise.

Fall is today in full swing. Rain and hard wind, places that already see snow coming down – summer is gone. Get over it. After a few years living in Winnipeg, the chances are that you have the impression that there is nothing more to shoot, only to wait out the change of the seasons and get a few shots as novelties of the year. You feel the need to go further and further out of the city in order to get some “decent” shots.

Grasslands and woods

It’s not just Winnipeg, it’s every place where you reside for an extended period of time. No matter how photogenic the place can be. Nothing left to shoot, you feel in a slump. No more original subjects to  shoot, it’s time to hang that camera on the willows and move on. Or is it?

Summer’s drawing to an end. A few more weeks and we’ll have forgotten the beautiful days and the sweltering heat. Gone will be the evenings of preparing food on a barbecue and eating outside. We will be welcoming fresher evenings, less mosquitoes and other flying crocodiles. All we will have left are the memories we recorded in our brains and on our memory cards.

Sprucewoods Provincial Park

For now, both are working fine, but I’m hedging my bets by doubling up my memories on an SD card Smile.