Ever since I was a kid, my parents told me not to shout and scream if it wasn’t necessary. They brought me up as a pretty quiet kid. There was no use for screaming or yelling in our house, not even to “express myself”. That kind of “expression” was pretty quickly taken care of.

First glimpse

Temper and tantrum were not part of my education. Later in life, some of the youngsters in school did have their outbursts; they made me feel weird. I was not used to this. When I arrived in Canada, I had to get used to another kind of outburst. One that would put me in awe of a spectacle not common to the region of my birth.

Photographing birds is nice. It’s relaxing, and gives sometimes spectacular results. But as time goes, it may give a somewhat warped image of my environment. There are not only birds here. There is lots more to enjoy in Manitoba.

Great Grey Owl (Strix Nebulosa)

While most of this is never promoted by the powers in place (past or present) there is way more to see and to enjoy. Often, the winter in Manitoba is depicted as brutally cold, possibly only superseded by Siberia in temperatures. The news of late did nothing to change that perception, by noting that Winnipeg was colder than the North Pole at a certain time.

Manitoba is a prairie province. Just to make that clear to those who don’t know. It is a flat province for the biggest part. It is definitely not a place where you would suspect hydro dams and waterfalls. Yet, Manitoba produces 90% of its electricity by hydro-electric dams.

Old Pinawa Dam

Dams like Seven Sisters or its predecessor, Pinawa Dam provided electricity for the city of Winnipeg. This raises questions for many people outside Manitoba or Canada. How can a flat province have enough difference in altitude to produce hydro electricity? Let’s take a look at the waterfalls of Manitoba and see if there is no site steep enough for power.

Some time ago, I went up north with a friend. The idea was to spend a nice weekend, get some nice shots of some nice wildlife and simply have a good time. What I didn’t get was that “up north” requires at least a few days, not a simple weekend.

Flintabattey Flonatin

We ended up in an old mining town. By the time we wanted to go and shoot some wildlife, the said wildlife was already either asleep or frozen stiff. So the “wildlife idea” got somewhat changed into “shoot anything you want, we won’t get anything else now”. It turned out to be a good decision.

It’s time again. Try to keep an eye on the paper you wrote those resolutions on. I’m pretty sure it will be “lost” within the next two or three weeks. Those resolutions will wear off quickly, unlike your waist line. I can speak with experience, trust me. My resolutions for the new year do not include less food, more exercise or a sunny mood every day. They do include the resolution to go out and shoot more wildlife and nature here in Manitoba.

Poplar Park

If there is anything that 2016 has taught me, then it is that time you don’t spend outside in nature is time you will never get back. Now if you can be in nature with friends, that is even better. Although sometimes…