Lately I have been prone to headaches. They are mostly related to work. Not so much the work itself, but more the way it has to be done. Sitting in a chair. There are not many ways to do programming while walking around or doing sit-ups. Forget about push-ups. None of that can be done if you need to work on a keyboard.

In the middle of nowhere

Last week was a week of horror for me. Four days and nights of a low and medium grade headache. None of the advertised pills/gels/powders had any effect. So it was time to do something else.

It seems that the last year has seen some “holes” in my posting on my blog. Sometimes, the daily chores become overwhelming and get in the way of leisure and healthy living. And unless I now get up at 4am, this doesn’t seem to look different for the new year.

Heavy takeoff after a successful hunt and meal...
Great Grey Owl, Strix Nebulosa, Manitoba, Canada

Should I be making New Year’s Resolutions? Nah, I don’t think so. Those resolutions tend to go to New Year’s Heaven as soon as the Christmas Tree has been put away. New Year’s Eve already breaks a few rules and by the end of January everything is back to what it was before. I think I will be doing it differently this year.

When you only come back with one single usable picture after a whole day driving around in the countryside, something is “off”. What remains with me is the desire to get more pictures and show something in my blog.

Christmas landscape

That’s not always easy. Most often I have to wait until the next week to go out and shoot again. So, I went again the following week …

Sometimes we see a post on the internet summing up the price of a photo shoot that someone wants to have done for free. While the amounts in those messages are often exaggerated, the message itself rings true.

Snowy Owl in flight

So here is my breakdown of this single image:

By now you have noticed that skies in Manitoba can get pretty wild. This time I will throw in the funky-coloured skies as well. From green to bright orange to ominous blue and back to normal. Whatever you can call normal in Manitoba. In many places the saying goes like “You don’t like the weather in […] ? Wait five minutes!” This is particularly true for Manitoba in Summer.

After the storm

Even if for some pictures I have waited considerably longer than five minutes.