A stroll downtown

The saying “Going Downtown” often means going shopping. Downtown Winnipeg certainly offers this possibility. Although many of the bigger and easier facilities for shopping are located out of the city center. What is left in downtown Winnipeg is a place where old and new live together and collide.

Portage and Smith

Portage and Smith

The history in Winnipeg is a little more than a couple of hundred years old, but the styles of the past periods are still visible. Some say that the city is too quick in removing old buildings and putting up modernity. There are still places where we can disagree with that. Let’s take a look…


“Is it safe?” - “No, it’s dangerous, terribly dangerous.”

“Is it safe?”  - “Yes, completely, utterly safe!” Ah, that’s more like it. Yes, the not-even-close-to-a-marathon photo walk this morning was completely safe. Except, of course, for those who wanted to show off they were more acrobats than photographers. Let’s leave those out of this story though…

The World Wide Photo Walk in WinnipegThe World Wide Photo Walk in Winnipeg (clickable)

When I first heard of the World Wide Photo Walk, I promptly forgot about it. Until it popped up in my view only a few days before the date of the event. World Wide, yes… even as far away as Sydney, the Photo Walk was to be held.

Happily we didn’t have to walk to Sydney from here, though…

Horror at the zoo

Every year, the Assiniboine Park Zoo holds a “festival” just before Halloween. They call it “Boo at the Zoo”. It’s a fun time to go at the zoo as well as the only time you can get there in the evening hours. Of course, the theme is Halloween and the skeletons, ghosts and ghouls welcome you with all their absent hearts.

Free running peacock in the zoo Free running peacock in the zoo

On the 1st of July or Canada Day this year, I went to the zoo and found that my only “worthy” or viable photographic subjects were the visitors. So, to give a more accurate image of the Zoo, I went there again…


A weekend at the lake

Since the moment we were here in Canada, we have heard how people spent their weekend “at the lake”. It is obvious that in a country where there are thousands of lakes people spend the weekend at the lake.

It also helps if you have a car, a map and a good address to go to.

Arriving at Lake WinnipegArriving at Lake Winnipeg

Since I have passed my driver’s license here in Manitoba, I can drive any car I like, although for rental sakes I have to stay in the province. At first sight that looks rather restrictive, certainly if you come from Europe. There, often a province is hardly bigger than the city of Winnipeg, give or take a few square kilometres. Manitoba is roughly the size of 1.5 times France or Ukraine.

Boom bada Boom!

Nice title, eh? Well, it goes with the pictures. Rarely recorded for its acoustic quality but still an integral part of fireworks. Mostly the louder the better.

No wonder the boats had to stay away No wonder the boats had to stay away

Fireworks have intrigued people since their creation, some people love them, some hate them. Some have nice memories, others think of war.

Let’s not go into the memories, but more into the way of capturing them and preserving them as colourful pictures, shall we?