That’s what I was taught back in Holland. In Holland, April can be a beautiful month. It is the month of tulips, nice weather and…

Spring dream

Rain. Hard wind and sunshine. April has a reputation of always doing what it wants, without giving notice of changes. What about April in Winnipeg?

Yep, the warm weather is still locked up somewhere else. Or so it seems. The usual way for me to prepare this blog is to go out and shoot with an idea in mind.

Assiniboine in fog

Then I write the story and incorporate the pictures. For as much as there is a story to tell. Going out is mostly during the weekends, hardly ever during the week.

Last week there was a huge orchid exhibition/sale going on in the Assiniboine Conservatory. While everyone was posting his/her pictures of the orchids, I thought that posting even more of them at the same time would be kind of overkill.

Meet Gary, the laughing Orchid

So, if after a week the orchids have faded from our memories, it’s time to revive them a bit. Take a look inside…

Definitely no diesel. This weekend the World of Wheels car show was in Winnipeg. A good place to get some pictures and enjoy some of our somewhat modified automotive heritage.


Some cars were nearly originals from the ‘30s, others had a lot of modifications as to retain only the original idea of the car in question. Take a look inside…

Sometimes you just wish that you were some place else. Not that the current place is no good, but just for the change.

Thunder clouds

After a long hot summer, we want freshness, a cool breeze. After a long cold winter we want sunshine. And we do everything we can to get it, isn’t that so? Come on in to see what I found to change air …