Summer is on the way out. At least for the northern hemisphere. Some will say that this summer was too hot, for me this was a great summer.

Canada goose

Warm and dry, and thanks to that dryness no mosquitoes! Well, nearly no mosquitoes. But how can you tell that summer is definitely on its way out?

Yesterday we went to the beach. To get some pictures of a promising sunset. Arrived at the beach, the sun had already set, but the light was still good.

Promising sunset

Now I’m not going to serve you boring pictures of a sunset, they can be had everywhere in the world. And if you don’t write down where they were taken,

We all know what UFOs are, now don’t we? Whenever we see something unusual in the air? Something we don’t understand? We’ll call it a UFO or Unidentified Flying Object.

UFO Raptor

In some cases I have heard of an Unidentified Flying Organism. Well, that’s fits better in my story. My life is full of UFOs and I can tell you that I really believe in them! Take a look inside…

There are a few places around here that sport the name of Fort Garry. Some of them even produce beer. (Hmmm, beer). But I’m not going to talk about breweries here.

The big house

Fort Garry in its first incarnation was situated near Fort Gibraltar in Winnipeg, until is was washed away by a flood in 1822. The fort was then

Canada, being in the New World still has places where the pioneer spirit lives. Albeit with a bit more comfort than in the old days.

Railroad pioneering

Many of these pioneers were from Ukraine. We all imagine that the majority of emigrants from Ukraine were fleeing the Soviet regime, but in fact