Going to New York might be a small affair for millions of people, for me it was big. Never been to NYC in my life. Then I get to spend 2 days there, with part of the time taken with official business.

6th and 41st

That left me with little time to shoot. But I still managed to get away with nearly 250 shots. Some good,

What better image can we think of than glass, steel and concrete when we talk about a city? Then, what city can you think of that fits that description best?

Broadway in the sunset

Last week I was in New York and had the chance to look at this city for the first time in my life. It will probably not be

We all know about the cats we have in the house. They need food and on regular times too. Otherwise they will “notify” us of their discontentment in their own, special way.

Two and a half months old paw

Bigger cats have the same needs, but bigger. So what about their food?

It’s hard to accept, but summer is gone. The lingering warm temperatures are also on their way out. Now is the time to butcher the pigs and make sausages for the winter.

English Garden colours

Now is also the time to capture all that colour that is still here. Instead of complaining about the lost summer, be happy about the colourful surroundings we have now. Let’s enjoy it and

When talking about The Forks in Winnipeg, one always imagines the Forks Market. And a dirty old train yard being at its origin.


Little is ever said about the origins of The Forks. Origins that go back at least 15,000 years. Now this is how the original inhabitants talk about these origins…