I don’t know about you, but I have always had a soft spot for romantic places. Even more if you have someone to share them with. Beaches in the evening come to mind.

Sand castle

And who says beaches, also says waterworks and sand works. The above picture is a detail of something a lot bigger, a lot more, how shall I say…

We all know that the word “fridge” comes from the brand name Frigidaire. Back in the days, that term and brand did not exist and the term icebox or ice house was used.

Ice house

An ice house from the 19th century looked like this. Ice in at the top, melt water out at the bottom and food in closed containers in the middle. None of this would have been available to us today if

In my previous post I stated that we have moved to a new apartment. That apartment is very close to the Assiniboine Forest.

Telegraph Road

I have blogged already a few times about the Forest, but now that I live quite close to it, I can also spend my lunchtime there. And come up with some interesting pictures as well…

Nowadays, we all know the huge farms in the countryside. But all these acres and acres of land today do not have the charms of the old farms.


Old farms, well, in a way. The farm portrayed here was built in the beginning of the last century. For history’s sake, nothing worth noting. But for photographers’ sakes… Come on in and take a look…

Yes, I know, summertime is mostly a time for bug spray and an overdose of irritation due to some overly active and blood thirsty flying creatures.


However, some of these creatures work for us. Some have even been bred specifically to rid us of these flying vampires. Take a look inside, and leave your bug spray in the closet…