We all have them, we all make them and we all break them. Somewhere in the first week or two of the new year.

More lights!

So… now that I have overcome my own good intentions, we can go back to photography Smile. Let’s see what we have for New Year…

The end of the year is near, I mean. Now what can you do with Old Year / New Year pictures? What kind of themes can you come up with?

Apocalyptic end

That’s a recurring question on a yearly term. Food? Lights? Fireworks? Family? Fire? How about everything together? I guess the last option is why all year-end

In Europe, we think trucks are too big and try to limit their sizes “as much as possible”. Either by raising prices for fuel or by “governmental” decree to reduce the size. The result is a fleet of “impressively unimpressive” trucks.

Double size

For Canadian standards. But then I arrived here in Canada and saw trucks that were easily twice the size of the biggest truck I had seen in Europe. So I needed a bit of adaptation. But some stories about the trucks' drivers always seem to pop up, wherever you are; Europe, Canada …

In photography, all is about the picture. What is more, all is about showing what others don’t see. A telephoto lens is made to show what is too far for the eye to see clearly.

Let it be said!

A macro lens is to show what is too small for the eye to see, unless you really put your eyes very close to each subject. That is not

I haven’t been too active lately, here. What do you want. A double trans-Atlantic flight, work and a lot of sleep to catch up.

Vrouwenpoorts brug

And no sleep to be had, work still takes its time and must be done. Correctly, if you please. So here is where I was in Europe, only a few days ago.