Ah, those creatures we all love, more or less. I have posted about lots of them in the last months, but only few of them have remained faithful to us despite the harsh Winnipeg winter.

Belligerent squirrel

Not that this winter was that harsh, many haven’t seen such a warm winter in years, if ever. So the squirrels, the

Sometimes I go out at night and do a photo shoot. Many times, this is only for the natural lightshow the Sun provides us with, but sometimes, I can get something else.

Aurora with light pollution

Auroras are a great phenomenon to shoot, but they are fairly rare, even if the Sun is getting closer to its 11 year solar maximum. So, what else is there to shoot with

When people talk about Canada, they most certainly do not talk about the warm climate. While we can argue with that, there is a bit of truth in what these people are saying.


After all, the North Pole is located in Canada. It cannot be warm, eh? Let’s see if these pictures confirm what “people" say. After all, there must be some truth out there…

People who have followed me over the years know I hardly do any street photography. Street photography makes me feel uncomfortable. You never know what you can expect from your, perhaps unwilling, subjects.

Assiniboine Park Duck Pond

There is also the threat of legal action looming. As soon as the subject

I thought fog was mostly a Fall or Spring phenomenon. It seems that I was wrong. Last week we had three days of dense fog, in the middle of Winter.

Foggy feeling

Now that was a new experience for me. Usually, it is supposed to be very cold. So cold that fog doesn’t even have a chance. But this winter seems