Definitely the most useful and problematic substance on earth. Some places lack water for years, other places have too much of it, and again other places just use it for recreation.

Walk on water

It’s not easy to give a correct opinion about how water should be used. The only thing I can and want to do here is to show a little about the water here in Manitoba. Water is

used for everything, if available. There are places in Manitoba where water is scarce. The Spirit Sands come to mind, but even there, rain falls now and then. Even if officially these Spirit Sands are classified as desert.

But whatever amount of water there is, is always makes for nice pictures. We have wild water, with wild animals, wild in the sense of “not domesticated”.


We also have ponds and lakes where water is used by anyone for amusement or work. Work in this case is to protect other people from getting in trouble with that same water.

Way to safety

Some people work hard to displace water from one place to another. For them it’s no good to know that water is available, they need to disperse it.

Total Chaos

I do not mean anything wrong with it; it’s simply a fact that flowers and plants in a garden will need water in dry times.

Diamonds, sort of

And once the water supply has been removed, well, I come in to photograph the diamonds that are left inside the petals and the leaves.

The English Garden in Winnipeg had this sprinkler system set on HIGH for a long time, and I was waiting for them to switch it off. Also hoping that the sun would still be shining at that moment. The result is the above picture.

Killer among remnants of his victims

The same Gardens also house small ponds where frogs, among the debris of their previous meals, simply wait for the next meal to fly along. Patience is everything.

And when daylight is about to abandon us, some people find a way to light the sky with fireworks.

Daylight fireworks

That was a nice try, the fireworks would be lit after the match of the Goldeyes. However, the Goldeyes won their baseball match with way too much ease and the fireworks went off while the sun was setting. I had some trouble getting those streaks to show up without ruining the rest of the image…


Other places propose a more serene end of the day. Here a bird in the middle of a future dry place, at least until it is converted into beaches with sand and clear, mosquito-free water.

This was a short blog, I have some other activities going on at the moment. After all it’s summertime. Let’s enjoy all that water while it’s here. We all have to recharge our batteries before the long winter comes. Hmmm, don’t want to think of that yet.

That’s the best use of water I can think of. Viva the Sunshine, Warmth and clear Water!

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