Dead stuff

25 Mar 2015

So, here I was, walking in the middle of a dog-park, on my lunch break on a pretty drab day. Not because I really wanted to walk in this particular spot, more because a tiny piece of nagging electronics told me that I needed to move more.

Ominous sky

I had already combed all the streets in the neighbourhood and I wanted something different. The dog park, only a few kilometers away seemed like a good idea.

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19 Mar 2015

I haven’t seen many auroras this season. Of what I saw, nothing was really worth writing about. With a lot of effort I assembled enough pictures of a series of mediocre aurora displays to make a post on this blog. While I was doing that, someone on Facebook started talking about a huge display at 5:30am… Sure enough, another night of fierce aurora display had gone by in my sleep.

Aurora from the deck

The following day, the aurora displays kept showing red in the forecasts, so in the evening I wanted to have a look for myself. A shot from my yard revealed aurora from within the city limits! Red alert!

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Park treats

13 Mar 2015

Street photography is not my “thing”. I don’t like the idea of people not liking my idea of shooting them. Even if they don’t keel over after I have shot them, to them, it always seems as if they would (keel over).


No, not my thing at all. On the Duck Pond in the Assiniboine Park, however, people photography comes way easier to me. Mainly because the people over there have come to have a good time, not thinking about nagging a simple photographer over a picture. That is the environment I like Smile.

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Of times long gone

09 Mar 2015

Many people know that I have lived in Ukraine a few years back. In 2005 I bought my first digital camera, a Nikon Point and Shoot of 4.2MP. Today that is nothing to be “proud” of, but back in the days that was one of the top models of its class. Apart from any available DSLRs, that was.


But even today, DSLRs in Ukraine are not very popular. Probably for many reasons, the first one being that they are expensive, way more so than the small P&S cameras. Secondly, in Soviet times SLRs were mostly/only used by people who you didn’t want to be photographed by. That is still very present in the memories of many people.

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Joe’s birds…

02 Mar 2015

We all dream of a place like this. A place where all the birds come together in front of your lens and stay there long enough for you to take great pictures. I have found such a place. Or better said, I was introduced to the owner of the place, as it is on private property.

Red Breasted Nuthatch

The owner’s name is Joe. He has been feeding the birds for a long time already and all of them know when Joe is around, food is not far behind. Photographing the birds is a piece of cake over there. The birds will first check out if those five-legged creatures are not harmful.

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Furniture on ice

25 Feb 2015

We’ve all had it, that feeling of nothing to shoot, nothing to be seen and nothing to show for it. Same for me, until a friend in the MFF came up with the idea of going on the ice and shoot the warming huts. The warming huts is a traditional presentation of shelters where frozen skaters can warm up their bones (and other parts) before continuing on their skating journey.

Homey scene

The huts on the ice were not very warming, an alarming evolution that started a few years ago with huts that cooled you more than the driving wind on the ice.

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Weekend driving

19 Feb 2015

What happens when you want to leave on weekend and the forecast is filled with snow, snow and some more snow?

That’s right, in Canada you still leave on weekend! The question arose a few weeks ago when we wanted to get away from everything and recharge our batteries a bit.

Highway 19

At first you’d think that driving in the snow is the very last thing you’d want to do when leaving on weekend. Well, finally it was not so bad, a few surprises here and there made for an interesting trip.

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Gone south… not

10 Feb 2015

Gone south has a pretty negative meaning, at least in my dictionary. It means being completely lost and gone without notice. The past weekend was more in the sense of “gone north” literally and figuratively. When one is nearly at the breaking point it is usually better to go somewhere and disconnect.

View from the room

Now I am not ready to do anything irrational, rest assured. But being tired in a general sense is definitely applicable to me. So this weekend was a long weekend for my wife and for me.

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