Pysanky or the Ukrainian art of decorating

16 Apr 2014

Easter eggs. While I have often decorated Easter eggs when I was young, never would I have used tools and beeswax to achieve my goal. At most, the eggs were decorated with a few colours, overlapping colour making for new ones.


The Ukrainian art of decorating the eggs is way more elaborate.

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Counting frags

09 Apr 2014

Or better put: Phrags. This is one of the terms used to name orchids. What corresponds to what, I have no idea. The biologists that invented the scientific names for  orchids must have had lots of imagination, or lots to drink.

Details, details, details

But I can be wrong and those names make perfect sense for the initiated. I’m not one of them.

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About the Great Grey

03 Apr 2014

The Great Grey Owl is the provincial bird of Manitoba, and not the mosquito as some funny people may want to make us believe. Adults are between 48 and 76cm tall and they may weigh up to 800g.


The Great Grey is a magnificent bird relying on its ears and eyesight to hunt.

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No activity…?

28 Mar 2014

Nothing to shoot! Too cold to go out! Too dark, too light, no motivation. We’ve heard it all by now. It’s all because of the white stuff that still lingers around and even gets replenished at this time of the year.

Nowhere to go, nowhere to sit

Some say that spring should have been here already. Am I happy that I can do nothing about it! Nor can anyone else. The only thing we can do is make the best of it, and keep those hand warmers handy when we go out.

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The dark side of the moon

22 Mar 2014

Have you ever seen the dark side of the moon? Many people will answer that that isn’t possible since we do not travel freely to that side of the moon. Ok… let’s try that again. The dark side of the moon is the side that is not lit. We see that side every two weeks.

The moon, dark side and light side

Mostly though, we take pictures of the moon when at least a small part is visible, so that we can find it easily in the sky. In this picture, the dark side of the moon is clearly (?) visible. Hmm, perhaps I should change my argumentation.

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Colour, finally…

16 Mar 2014

It seems like winter, snow, ice and shovelling are the foremost of our thoughts right now. That’s what a few months of low light and low temperatures do to a person. While I have refrained from posting “Winter wonderland” and “Look how beautiful the snow is” – type of blogs this season, I do feel the need to post something a bit more colourful.

Frail Hyacinth

As if to underline the absence of the mentioned subjects.

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City moods

10 Mar 2014

As many know by now, we were in Ukraine a few months ago. While many people were already boiling with anger against the government, none of that transpired in the streets. The mood of the city seemed to be quiet.

National Philharmonic Buildong

However, when I look back now, something was off. Despite the nice weather, sunshine and bright autumn colours, something was “off”.

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Country road…

04 Mar 2014

Take me home…. We know the song, but do we know that road? Having lived all over the world, I can only say one thing: those roads always lead to where the heart is. Home.


But sometimes, those roads don’t look as if they want to take you home…

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