Big City walk

14 Nov 2014

Here in Manitoba we like to think that Winnipeg is a big city. Some people only suspect that there are bigger cities out there. I have lived in some pretty big cities in my life but New York is by far the biggest I have visited until now. It also has the biggest bridges I have ever seen in a city.

Manhattan Bridge

On a walk with a friend in New York, we came across many a great spot for a photo. It’s always better to go on a walk like this with someone who knows the place. It saves you from walking around in places where there is nothing to see.

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Skies of Manitoba (6)

08 Nov 2014

Ever wondered why photographers always look at the sky? Not to know what weather will be in an hour… No, the photographer looks at the sky to see if there is not a shot to be had. In Manitoba we can have lots of shots and hardly ever turn up with the same.

Culmination of the evening

While I lived in Europe, most of the time, the skies were similar to the skies of the previous days. Here in Manitoba that statement doesn’t fly.

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After Dark (2)

02 Nov 2014

A term that computer users all over the world will remember with a certain fondness. It was THE screensaver from the ‘90s. Oh, those flying toasters… Well, flying objects can be had everywhere after dark. You just have to go out and find them.

Waiting for service

I didn’t find any flying toasters or toast when I went out the other night. What I found was way better.

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Final greenery

27 Oct 2014

It’s that time of the year again. Time to take in as much greenery as we can before the white stuff blots everything out. For many it comes as no surprise that summer is gone. After all, it is end October by now.

A little colour

Soon the green stuff will make place for mostly brown hues. Many people will already call that “dead stuff”. While there is a lot of beauty to be found in there, for now we cling to the last blades of green that Mother Nature has to offer.

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21 Oct 2014

Trying to be artistic with every shot you take is a tiring endeavour. Since you are always your own worst critic, it becomes tiring to the point of giving up photography altogether . So from time to time you have to let go of that artistic push and decide to go with the flow.


Being in a big moving crowd always helps to go with that flow. Going against it is at your own risk Smile. While I was in New York, I tried to accommodate the artistic streak; often enough, all what came out was a snapshot.

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Away for the weekend

15 Oct 2014

How many times do we not think this? I wish I could get away for the weekend, just to unwind, relax. No more computer, no internet, hell, no connection to anything. Does that sound familiar? Sure it does! Just as much as the nearly just as many times that we find the weekend is gone even before it started.

Departures from Grand Central Terminal

We make plans, then make better plans, then find out that other plans were made without our knowledge and those plans prevail, usually. I’m not going to blame anyone here, though. We can all relate to this, right?

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Low on the ground

06 Oct 2014

I have been shooting birds for a while now. Mostly looking into trees, peering into trees is more accurate, trying to find that rare blob of feathers that would amaze the world. That hasn’t happened just yet. However, I did notice that gazing into the trees and into the air made me miss a few photo opportunities of a colourful nature.

Beautiful and reportedly deadly

Mushrooms are the rage of the moment, they only show up for a few days, only to disappear into nothing. Until the next year or even a few years later if the circumstances are not right.

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30 Sep 2014

The colours of fall… Some of us are dreading this phrase. They are afraid of it during all summer. And yet, the phrase will become truth before you even realise it’s time. For many, Fall means the end of the summer, the end of fun, the end of the good days. For me, it’s like a re-birth. Not only because I was born myself in Fall, no, simply because it’s a fresh part of the year, full of the fruits of Summer’s labour.


We have worked hard all summer to get the harvest we so “desperately” need. At least that was in the old times. Nowadays, we can get all the food we want, whenever we want. No more slowing down in Fall and winter. It all becomes one big soup.

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