Four minutes

26 Jan 2015

This weekend we went out to Lake Winnipeg. By –7C that should be a pleasure. By now Lake Winnipeg is frozen shut and only the deepest parts still have water underneath. That would be a great place to fish, if you can get an auger long enough to pierce that ice.

Entrance to Big Windy

The place to get on the ice with your car is in Gimli Harbour, the ramp for the boats is also usable for truck and cars.

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19 Jan 2015

Wow! The last few weeks or months have been exhausting. Between personal issues and the work, one can only take so much before crumbling. Now I haven’t crumbled just yet, but sometimes I can see the signs of it. Forgetting appointments, forgetting papers, forgetting to renew my driver’s license… All of those are signs that the battery level is now on low.


That is definitely NOT where I need to be at the moment. The work pressure is not going to relinquish anytime soon, personal problems are not going away but can be subdued a little. So I needed to find a different way to recharge my batteries.

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First one of the year

11 Jan 2015

Sure, there are a lot of firsts in the beginning of a new year. Meh. This was the first outing of the year to The Forks. I haven’t been out shooting for way too long, leaving me also with a lack of pictures to post here on my blog. Going out with a few friends of the Manitoba Foto Friends was a welcome change in this grey monotony.

Frozen energy

The Forks can still show some unexpected places, even if you have been there a multitude of times.

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In search of the White Bird

03 Jan 2015

First off: Happy New Year to you all! Then let’s talk about that white one… The Snowy Owl, that is. We all know that it exists, that is is a bird that would live in the polar regions and can hardly be photographed. Much of that is true, just as much as there are untruths out there.

Male Snowy Owl

Let’s start with the basics of the bird…

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The old house

27 Dec 2014

The following is a story. Once or twice a year I try to write some complete fiction, like here. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Be nice, this is not my usual type of writing Smile. Here it goes:

My beautiful house

“ I remember the house. A beautiful place made of new wood and lots of fresh coats of paint.

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Where the sun never shines…

20 Dec 2014

We all know about these places. Places where darkness is forever. At least the absence of sunlight. The New York City Subway is such a place. Hundreds of kilometres of tunnels and passages, none of which will ever see sunlight Smile .

Do not lean on door

That there is no sunlight doesn’t mean there is nothing to see. On the contrary. The subway of New York is full of places and subjects just begging to be shot. Places full of history, places thousands of people pass by daily without even seeing.

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Foggy memories…

13 Dec 2014

Everybody has them, one day or another. Those foggy memories, not remembering what happened the previous night. Depending on the situation, that may be a good or a bad thing. They are better forgotten forever Smile. But some foggy memories are worth remembering for a long time, like the ones that you have from a walk though that fog.

A bridge into eternity

With your camera of course. Sharing those memories is the next best thing, so here we go…

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By night

07 Dec 2014

Night time is a favourite of mine. Sometimes I get criticism that I take too many pictures during the night. That is perhaps true. At the same time, those pictures are really a different kind of the ones you can take during the day.


What about Holiday Lights or light trails? You can’t get them during daytime…

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