Black Bear Island (3)

14 Jul 2015

Black Bear Island, an uninhabited island in the middle of Lake Winnipeg. The day we went there to scout out the possibilities for a photo shooting weekend, we were overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the sheer number of shots one could take of this undisturbed place.

Empty beaches for as far as the eye can see

Imagine a place where nobody ever walks, there is no trash from previous visitors, apart from the “usual” flotsam thrown on the shores by the wind. Broken tree stumps, branches and such.

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Black Bear Island (2) – from a distant past

07 Jul 2015

Black Bear Island, Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada If you love shooting landscape, it takes little or no imagination to see the tremendous potential of shooting this shoreline during a strong northerly wind. The immense wave action pounding this layered limestone and granite boulder strewn shoreline would produce "World Class" results!

480 million year-old cliffs

The shorelines have been pounded by the water for millions of years on this tiny island. Now it’s easy to say like that, but if you look closer, you can see the proof of my statement. Fossils are all over the place, for everyone to see. But you have to look for them.

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Black Bear Island (1)

03 Jul 2015

A few days ago I went with a friend to an uninhabited island on Lake Winnipeg. Not just to visit and have a good time, but also to evaluate what the possibilities are for photo-oriented trips to this place. As it turned out, the sky was hazy with smoke from forest fires in Saskatchewan and Alberta. The temperature was soaring into the lower +30s.

Cliffs need signals for boat owners

That is +32C or a sweltering 89F. Not the best moment to go and walk on a shoreline filled with rocks. Rocks that happily store the heat and send it back to you even in the shadow.

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Close to the ground

26 Jun 2015

While we are shooting, ahem, photographing everything like madmen and madwomen, we often tend to forget something. The ground we walk on is covered with great subjects for photography. If only we’d look down and stand still at the little marvels that surround us.

For me, that is what photography is all about. It’s about seeing. Seeing those little things, those little details that other people simply ignore. Sure, they will see that clump of mushrooms on a rotten tree stump, but do they really look closer at the beauty of those mushrooms?

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Manitoba travels

18 Jun 2015

Manitoba is a beautiful province of Canada. By now everybody that reads this blog on a regular basis has seen pictures of places and animals in the province. What I don’t often blog about is the trips into the province. Most of my pictures are from around Winnipeg and rarely further away.

Storm across the water

That was something that needed to change. So I teamed up with a friend and travelled into the province. As a newcomer here, I have always stayed close to home, a little bit like a cat in a new house. The longer the cat stays in the house the more it will discover and try out.

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Visiting an old city (1)

11 Jun 2015

When I was a kid, I never thought of my city as old. The monumental buildings that were there were just part of the scenery. Many of them have since been demolished and it’s only now that I start seeing that that was a great loss.

Oldehove, from 1532

The city officials thought it a good idea in the late sixties that the city should have a more modern look. Out with the old buildings and in with the new, modern architecture. Little did they understand that old buildings tell old stories and that new architecture is often devoid of a soul.

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05 Jun 2015

A few days ago I went hunting with a friend. Not the killing kind of hunting, simply the shooting kind. Wait, that doesn’t work either. Photography, that’s what it was all about! My friend told me there was a fox around somewhere. A vixen, to be more precise.

Alert and ready

Now, it is already difficult enough to spot a fox close by, let alone a vixen at this time of year. Well, this particular vixen had a good reason not to stray too far from the spot. She had a few cubs there too.

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A first glimpse

28 May 2015

In the beginning of the year I had a feeling there would be some Northern Lights out. So I called a friend and we went into the dark night. Not long into the trip the Northern Lights started to show themselves, even with the city’s light pollution not far behind us.


Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon in Canada, but highly unpredictable. When all conditions seem about right, you can still end up with empty pockets. On other nights, when nothing seems to be right, the lights show up and present a great show.

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