22 Sep 2014

An event that caused fear and apprehension in ancient cultures. The Sun is going to leave the sky for longer than the daytime would last. Today it means that Fall (or Autumn) is starting. Some countries start Fall on the first of September, but that has no astronomical significance. Fall creates colour where there used to be only green, fall is the end of life, the harbinger of the coming winter.

Birds Hill Park in colour

Fall is also the time not so long ago we started feasting on the product of the harvest, the newly created sausages and hams, the newly harvested grain and fruits. Some people love the fall, some people hate it.

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Promises, promises…

16 Sep 2014

We all want to believe. Believe in the forecast that tonight there is going to be a great light show. While I never have given the phenomenon a second thought while I was in Europe, here in Canada I seem to have become addicted to it.

The height of the show

Those strange green lights in the sky, seemingly created from nothing; dancing without wind and completely silent.

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How wrong can you get?

10 Sep 2014

After having taken tens of thousands of pictures, everyone starts to feel comfortable with what they are shooting.  And they will shoot it again and again. Some will get even better and rise above the rest. Others? Well, let’s say they become (vague) history. So here I am, feeling comfortable shooting my birds and my landscapes and in comes a challenge from the Manitoba Foto Friends.


“Go downtown and shoot with 50mm only. Fixed, please, or put a piece of duct-tape on your zoom lens.” The closest I could get without the duct tape was a 60mm. So with a few more photographers I accepted the challenge.

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Le Parc

04 Sep 2014

The period of hectic activity has ended. At least for now. Its demise gave me some time to go to a park. Kilcona park is one of those parks that few people in the rest of Winnipeg ever visit. That is a shame. There are two sections in this huge park: one for the dogs where they can run free and one, more civilised part, where people can run free.

Stone bridge

When you drive over Lagimodiere boulevard, the park doesn’t look like much. That is probably why many people never consider going there. When you do turn into the pretty small parking lot, you’ll find that the park is way bigger than you could see from the road.

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Empty spaces

28 Aug 2014

A feeling of emptiness. Sometimes we need it. Sometimes we flee it. There are different ways to see that emptiness, of course. One type of emptiness is the one that we see when looking to the horizon and see nothing but that horizon.


It usually gives us a feeling of holiday, of freedom.

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Early morning

18 Aug 2014

Getting up early in the morning to catch the first rays of the sun, caressing the still dewy fields… Not my strong point. But when I do get up early enough to catch those rays, I take advantage of them.

Morning dew

A few weeks ago I got a new camera AND I had some early morning work to do outside the city. That combination gave the results you see here.

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New paces

12 Aug 2014

Hardly any time between the acquisition of the new 150-600mm and an (informal) photo shoot for a wedding. I am not a wedding photographer, far from it. To get a set of good, presentable pictures of about 50 pieces, I’d need to shoot at least 3,000. Or so it seems.

Difficult light

On top of the new lens also came a new camera. That, plus the wedding a few days later made for an interesting little period. Trying to put the camera through its paces, as well as myself for the new assignment made me a bit nervous. Nobody wants to mess up a wedding reportage, eh? Luckily for me, there was also some time off between wedding events to get some more experience with the camera.

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Old fashioned pointing and shooting

06 Aug 2014

It has been a while since I was just going out for a walk somewhere. Work and other commitments seem to have taken up more and more time, leaving me less free to go out and shoot. When I am finally free to go, it is either dark or I am completely exhausted. Mostly both.

On track

Then there is this internal pressure to improve with every single shot. Sometimes it feels like being in school all over, except that it is constantly exam period.

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