Early morning

18 Aug 2014

Getting up early in the morning to catch the first rays of the sun, caressing the still dewy fields… Not my strong point. But when I do get up early enough to catch those rays, I take advantage of them.

Morning dew

A few weeks ago I got a new camera AND I had some early morning work to do outside the city. That combination gave the results you see here.

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New paces

12 Aug 2014

Hardly any time between the acquisition of the new 150-600mm and an (informal) photo shoot for a wedding. I am not a wedding photographer, far from it. To get a set of good, presentable pictures of about 50 pieces, I’d need to shoot at least 3,000. Or so it seems.

Difficult light

On top of the new lens also came a new camera. That, plus the wedding a few days later made for an interesting little period. Trying to put the camera through its paces, as well as myself for the new assignment made me a bit nervous. Nobody wants to mess up a wedding reportage, eh? Luckily for me, there was also some time off between wedding events to get some more experience with the camera.

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Old fashioned pointing and shooting

06 Aug 2014

It has been a while since I was just going out for a walk somewhere. Work and other commitments seem to have taken up more and more time, leaving me less free to go out and shoot. When I am finally free to go, it is either dark or I am completely exhausted. Mostly both.

On track

Then there is this internal pressure to improve with every single shot. Sometimes it feels like being in school all over, except that it is constantly exam period.

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Closer and closer

31 Jul 2014

It has been a while since I blogged about material. It has also been a while since I got close enough to wildlife to get interesting pictures. I could go downtown, but that is hardly the type of wildlife I’m after.

Yellow Warbler with lunch

So recently I acquired a new toy. The already famous Tamron 150-600mm, which, on my camera translates to a 900mm.  So here are the first results, some a bit

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Manitoba Skies (5)

24 Jul 2014

Skies in Manitoba continue to fascinate me. There is not a day I am not thinking “Wow, I should shoot this”. But there are only so many sky pictures you can take before the whole collection starts to look kind of ehm… bland?

Charleswood, Winnipeg

So I “reduced” my number of sky shots until this sunset. I was working at my desk, in shorts. The day had been rainy and gloomy and warm. When the sun set, I had no idea it would go this wild.

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14 Jul 2014

The winter was long. It will probably still be for some time for people to remember this one. Even if it was not the longest or coldest winter in history. Somebody remember the last Ice Age? It lasted way longer than one season.

Mama Mallard knows best: get out!

But after any winter, there is a renewal of life, a renewal of colour, of energy. So here is my take on this renewal.

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Change of subjects

08 Jul 2014

It’s that time of the year again. The great variety of birds is over, we have the choice of shooting ducks and some geese or find something else. I am the lucky owner of a prime micro lens, allowing me to get quite close to some other subjects than birds.

Twelve spotted skimmer

Getting close to birds is one thing, you just need a long lens and you’re done, getting close to insects is a different kettle of fish altogether. You need a micro/macro lens for that plus

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Old Dutch

02 Jul 2014

In North America we mostly know the name Old Dutch for its potato related products. However, it is not as old as the real Old Dutch in the Netherlands. A few months ago we went to Holland on a short holiday. Way too short, as usual.

Weathervane of a golden age

We had the good chance to go to a small city called Harlingen in the north of the country in the province of Friesland. Friesland has a rich, long history of its own about which I will blog another time.

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